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Living in Michigan gives me the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons, fully, without going to extremes. Yes, we have winter, but it's not as cold or severe as some would think. Winter brings it's own beauty with the pristine snowfalls. Hiking in the woods or on trails, one can truly appreciate the solitude and serenity of the season.
By the time March rolls around, we are looking for the first signs of spring, whether it's the first Robin, Crocuses popping up through the last of the snow, or new buds springing forth from the trees. Then, finally, we see the wildflowers coming to life again.
Summer is a pure joy! There are the beaches of Lake Michigan, brimming with life as people from all over come to spend the day for a variety of activities, from kite flying on the beach, hiking on the trails in the sand dunes, to the glorious and varied sunsets on the lake, all are a part of a summer life to fully enjoy!
Fall has it's own special place....warm days and cool nights, which bring about the wonderful colors on the deciduous trees before they drop and form a colorful carpet on the ground beneath them. There is nothing more beautiful in fall as the array of red, golds, yellows and oranges on a bright sunny day.

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Pine Trees in Winter
Snow Covered Pines

Thistle in Winter

Snow Covered trees
Winter Coating

Snow and Shadows
Winter Shadows

Dutchmen's Breeches
Dutchmen's Breeches

Daffy Daffodil

Grandiflora Trillium

Grandiflora Trillium

Summer Sunset

Windjammer Stack Kites
Red, White and Blue

Silver Lake Driftwood
Dunes Driftwood

Schooner at Sunset
Wind Dancer at Sunset

Fall Medley
Leaves and Needles

Fall Harvest
Fall Harvest

Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves

Sassafras Trees
Sassafras in Fall