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Toni Lankerd
Spring Lake, MI
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I have lived in southwestern Michigan for most of my life, immigrating to the United States at a young age from the Netherlands. After acquiring my first camera at the age of 12, my interest in photography grew (as I did through the years). I purchased my first 35mm SLR (a Pentax ME Super) in 1981 which I mainly used to record family milestones and vacations.

After taking a short course in photography, and with encouragement from the instructor, my interest became more intense. I began focusing my photographic endeavors on scenic and landscape images due, in part, to my love of Nature. My confidence became stronger and pushed me to move on to other subjects in the natural world: macro/closeups, flowers, and wildlife. Living along the shores of Lake Michigan provides me with the endless opportunities for nature photography....from the sand dunes to wildflowers and waterfowl.

In addition to Nature's creations, I expanded my photographic base to include man-made subjects, such as architecture and (one of my personal favorites) lighthouses. I have used various film media to record my subjects: slides, B&W, and even infrared film over the last few years. In 2005 I acquired my first DSLR, the Pentax *ist-DS...then moved up to the Pentax K10D... which has brought about a renewed interest in photography.

As a "professional", I view photography as an art form. As such, I try to stir the soul of the viewer - whether it be a single flower with morning dewdrops poised to let go, or a lighthouse frozen in ice during the death of winter. I strive to capture the real world around us - showing Nature's compassion and wrath. Enjoy the site and be sure to let me know your thoughts.

"Wherever we go in the mountains, or indeed in any of God's wild fields, we find more than we seek." ~John Muir~